Workshop Summary February 2020

Here is a short summary of our recent workshop:

We have officially concluded the deliverables on this project.  However we are keen to keep the momentum going on supporting creators and users of datasets.

We will post any updates to the Research Data Management list.  Not a member?  You can join here:


Next Steps

Jisc have decided to extend this project until July 2019

What will we be doing in the scope of this extension?

  • Inserting guidance documents into the Research Data Management Toolkit and repository – identifying suitable place for the main documents
  • Working with Jisc to investigating more integrated methods to organise some of the information into workflows or scenarios.
  • Exploring discipline and format specific requirements.
  • Workshops to update attendees on changes in the law, explore the integrations with Jisc RDM Toolkit and other systems, seek further feedback.
  • Update the guidance again before end of July 2019

Additionally we are:

  • Looking at designing a training course and using feedback to inform future training requirements.
  • Exploring sustainability and community support for dataset licencing liaising with other initiatives such as Digital Preservation Coalition software preservation, Australian Research Data Commons, and Uk Data Archive.
  • Considering synergies with and rightstatements tools.  Possibly invite to a workshop to provide overview of activities.

We have been having good conversations about how to provide the right legal guidance at the right time but without genericising so much that it does not fit the case the user is trying to address.

Jisc and the University of Glasgow are discussing other key ideas arising from the project. Working list available here: Suggestions outstanding from Dataset Licencing Project







Workshop 29th June

Thanks to all of those who attended or supported our event today.  I would also like to thank all colleagues at CREATe, University of Glasgow, and Jisc who have been involved in the project.  I don’t want to miss out a big thanks to Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor where we hosted all 3 workshops.  The facilities and catering were much appreciated.  Especially the ice cream on such a hot day.

Here is a link to a blog post by CREATe colleagues

Informal notes with some tidying still anticipated here:


final slides outline_data june 2018 final slides outline_data june 2018

datasets and databases

Next steps:

We will produce a version of the guides to post online.  Jisc will then host these guides.  We hope that we will be able to introduce at least a little navigation to appropriate information via a web page as there was general concensus that this would be more accessible than flat documents.

We will summarise the project, recommendations and next steps and work liaise with our colleagues at Jisc as to the way forward.



Hold the Date

Our next workshop will be 29th June 2018 in Glasgow book here

We will be reviewing key comments on the next drafts of guidance – these will be available online in advance for anyone to comment.

What else are we doing?

  • Considering contractual and collaboration issues around licencing data including financial risk e.g. does NHS data agreement negate need for seperate licence?  Depends on details of agreement.
  • Considering how to present the information in  consumable chunks via a website/wizard
  • Linking up with CASRAI to discuss standard definitions for licencing terminology.  A breakout session has been planned for the CASRAI meeting –


Fantastic Community Input at Today’s Workshop

Thank you to speakers and attendees at our event today. Feedback was very positive and we have a lot of useful comments to take forward.

Here is the note – yet to be tidied:


final slides outline_data april 2018



We will be in touch with attendees with and wider distribution lists with an update.

CREATe also posted a blog on this workshop


Connecting Initiatives

As some of you may know I am passionate about connecting initiatives and stakeholders.

Today I am taking part in a call with Research Data Alliance looking at funder and publisher requirements for datasets.

Also looking forward to a UKDA event on dataset licencing and considering how to connect on that Continue reading “Connecting Initiatives”

Project Update February 2018

We have some draft documentation on licencing datasets and are reviewing and refining those.

We plan to hold a meeting in April to invite interested parties to critique these materials and re-visit the actions that were suggested at our first workshop.

It has been interesting and rewarding to meld perspectives from legal and research data services and identify gaps and misunderstandings that don’t always seem obvious to the other party.